"The best part about our collaboration with Chris is his depth of understanding about our business. He was a guide and tour operator long before becoming a consultant. He knows the importance of customer experience and how to create a real value proposition - and then a strategy that commmunicates that value. Best of all, his ability to explain everything in plain language makes everything clear."

Managing Partner, Jackson Hole Whitewater & Teton Expeditions

"When deciding who to turn to for help, we went straight to Chris because of his reputation. He knows exactly what’s important to us and we didn’t have to waste time trying to teach him our industry. He tells us how it is and doesn’t hold back. If you want to up your game and grow your business – he’s what you want."

Owner, Cloud 9 Tours

"We’ve been working with Chris since 2012. He’s reliable and has a deep knowledge of our business and our industry. His many years working with companies like ours and his extensive guiding experience are important assets, and it’s critical for us to work with someone who knows exactly what our clients expect."

Owner, Sydney Bespoke Tours