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When you’re working hard to create and run a profitable business, it’s all too easy to end up giving away revenue in the form of last-minute discounts and desperate attempts to sell our "brown bananas" – unfilled capacity or ageing inventory.

We chase what I call unicorns and rainbows – you know, those magical marketing campaigns that we imagine will turn someone who knows nothing about us into instant customers. There’s just no such thing.

I’ll bet you didn’t start a company because you have a burning desire to be a marketer. I didn’t start out as a marketer either. I’ve run active travel and hospitality brands, worked in marine manufacturing and have been guiding high-end clients for more than 30 years - all where I learned the hard way just how easy it is to squander scarce resources on ineffective marketing.


“Finally – a marketing guy who really gets it.”

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“Finally – a marketing guy who really gets it. No BS or smoke and mirrors, just practical advice to grow my business.”

Dennis Brooks, MD, The Applied Media Companies