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The Marketing Department Program

The robust marketing plan you’ve always wanted but never been able to execute on your own

The Marketing Department Program includes:

In-depth Strategy Planning

We do the research to discover what your business does well, where it can improve and what keywords you should be targeting.

A Responsive WordPress Website

We will build you a website specifically designed to maximise your content strategy, and help implement a plan that keeps it up and running at blazing mobile and browser speeds.

Directory Management

We unify your business’ directory listings, and work consistently to improve your rankings in your targeted keywords.

CRM & Marketing Automation

We work to initiate and integrate your marketing plan and create and maintain a marketing integration system.

Content Planning & Creation

We build out your content portfolio with social media posts and content specifically designed to improve your search rankings and increase customer trust.

Podcast Management & Production

We manage and produce a regular podcast as part of your content marketing plan.

Marketing Materials and Advertising Plan

We will create marketing materials and build a plan for all of your online and PPC advertising.

Email Marketing Campaigns

We will manage and run all email marketing campaigns to gain and nurture leads.

Paid Marketing Campaigns

Create and maintain a robust PPC and social marketing strategies.

Reviews & Support

We give you the infrastructure to collect positive reviews and ratings to make your local search profile stand out.

Continuing Growth Foundation

We help you build the foundation you need to continue to grow your business month after month.

Regular Status Updates

We will build you a key metrics dashboard and take part in regular status updates to keep you up to date on your marketing success.


of the typical buyer's journey that is complete before they ever contact you.


of all local Searches result in an in-store visit, phone call or purchase


of people that say a website’s design is their number one criterion for determining a company's credibility.

Duct Tape Marketing Catalyst Program

Not sure if it's the right fit?

Let's get you started

This comprehensive marketing consulting package will give your business the resources you need to execute the robust marketing plan you’ve always wanted but never been able to execute on your own. For the price of a first year marketing graduate, you get the collective skills and experience of an entire agency and network.

You've got a whole network behind you

When you hire a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, not only do you gain access to your certified consultant, you gain access to the thinking caps of our entire network of marketing consultants around the globe. The collaboration between these expert marketers can really help to excel your business’ strategy to help you gain profits and customers month over month.

Stop chasing unicorns & rainbows and get down to business